Should I limit my Music?

Should I limit my mixes before sending them to get mastered?

This is a simple one, no. The best thing to do with your mixes is listen to them and mix them as mixes, without any master processing on the main buss. The issue you have with limiting and compressing a whole mix is that the mix you hear will sound massively different when you take those processors off the master fader.

The best thing to do when sending your tracks out to a mastering engineer is send them the straight mix files, without any processing. If you’ve used a limiter just to bring up the overall perceived volume of the mixes, take that off too.

Your mixes should not be too close to 0db, and definitely shouldn’t be exceeding 0db at any point.

When you get your tracks mastered, there needs to be space so that the mastering can actually happen. If your mix is pushed right up to 0 on the VU’s then there isn’t much the mastering engineer can do. Remember that quieter mixes allow for more movement in the mastering process.

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