Mastering Dynamics

Everyday we have chats with clients, and between ourselves about dynamics and about loudness, and you’d think by now that loudness doesn’t matter, but it still does to a lot of people.

But, with loudness comes problems, the louder you make a track the closer you come to peaking and distortion, and then there is the lack of dynamics that comes with pushing a track to over its limit.

What are dynamics? They are the loud and quiet parts in a track. Dynamics are a great thing in music, otherwise it would all just be a wall of noise, or very quiet, but having a mixture of these two things is great.

Mastering is key to bringing tracks up to a respectable volume, but when the limits of loudness are pushed, you begin to lose these dynamics.

What do I mean? Well, basically compressing audio makes the quieter parts of tracks louder, and the louder parts quieter. Done well, and done delicately with finesse, this can make your tracks louder and sound better. But, over-compression can really kill a song, and make it sound pretty bad.

So, why shouldn’t you sacrifice your dynamics? Because without dynamics your tracks will be squashed and sound over compressed, and there will be no room for loud and quiet parts in your tracks. Dynamics are what make music interesting, and they are a good thing!

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