The online music streaming service SoundCloud has partnered with online digital mastering platform, Landr.

For a long time now, SoundCloud has been the go to place for musicians, producers and DJ’s to host their tracks, remixes and DJ sets.

Now, they have begun a partnership to bring a bit audio consistency to their platform.

Don’t SoundCloud use loudness normalisation?

You would think so given that Apple Music, Spotify, Beatport and other similar platforms do utilise some sort of loudness algorithm but SoundCloud currently don’t do this, although it is bound to happen at some point.

For many years, people uploading their music to SoundCloud will do so without mastering it, or mastering it in a very simplistic manner.

The new deal between the two companies will allow users to access a free ‘Optimised for SoundCloud’ mastering format. This new Landr option will ‘master and enhance the quality of songs streaming on the platform’.

Users will be able to upload their tracks using Landr and share it straight to their SoundCloud page. For users that have already mastered songs using the online mastering platform, they can still export these straight to their SoundCloud page.

What do we think, I hear you ask?

We aren’t here to judge an online mastering tool that uses algorithms, we’re here to make good records sound incredible which is something that Landr can’t do.

For producers or musicians wanting to just ‘bump up’ the overall level of track then this tool will suit them fine, but it doesn’t have the human intervention mastering engineers have, and no matter what, an algorithm can’t hear, engineers¬†can.

The one benefit that this feature does have, in my personal opinion, is the ‘Optimised for Soundcloud’ feature. This can be seen as one of two things, this is SoundCloud’s alternative to a ‘loudness normalisation’ algorithm, or a genuine attempt to improve the quality and consistency of the audio on their platform.

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