Analysis, not the best way to describe something creative is it?

But, that said, it is really important to know your mix before you think about mastering. Why? If there’s something in your mix you aren’t sure of, or sticks out to you, then the mastering engineer will probably pick up on it.

There is nothing wrong with this, everyone wants to sometimes just finish what they have started, but sometimes it can be a really good idea to completely step away from your track and its mix for a few days.

I’ll be honest, I’m one to talk, I forever check mixes and how a song sounds in other places, but sometimes you need to give yourself a break from all of that.

So how do you get the best out of your mix?

  1. Take a break from it: Fatigue is a bitch, and so are bad mixes so give yourself some headspace.
  2. Surround yourself with other music, don’t just listen to your mix on repeat. It’s also good for the ideas pot, you could hear something that will just make your mix work.
  3. Turn the thing down. Once again, I can’t talk, I crank every mix up I do loud, and I know I shouldn’t, but your ears tire of this, so make sure you’re mixing at a reasonable volume.
  4. Hydrate yourself – Don’t lock yourself in a room, you still need to keep your body going. This is so important, keep yourself hydrated.
  5. Be time critical – If you’re working on someone else’s material, time is money. If you’re working on your on stuff, this then becomes harder. Set yourself targets, put the track to rest for an hour and come back to it. Don’t spend too long.

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