Every man and his dog has the internet, cats have their own Instagram accounts and are way more famous than me. All of this data is easy to understand because we see it in day to day life, it’s everywhere. Because we search, we give up data, and it’s interesting to see what our musical recording habits are.

So, what does our search data tell us about our musical recording habits?

This year, November has been the most popular month for people looking for ‘Online Mixing’.

Last December was the highest search for the term ‘Online Mastering’.

‘Online Mastering’ in November this year? Absolutely nothing, does that mean we can follow last years peak for December?

Looking at the year long data, it’s clear to see how out online music production habits play-out, from recording, to online mixing and online mastering.


And everything inbetween? Well, it’s been a fluctuating sea of music production, the habits of our digital music habits are clear to see. How do we know? Well?

Here you go:


Looking at the data we see that throughout the year our digital online music habits flitter between mixing and mastering. This is really interesting to see as during the peaks and troughs, the opposing line either increases or stays parallel

So what are the most popular months of the past 12 months for mixing online? February and November.

How about mastering online? Well, you’s be looking at August and May/June.







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