Finding musical inspiration is hard, especially when you’re all ‘inspirationed’ out.

Here’s some helpful tips on how you can get some musical inspiration to fuel your next song.

  • Listen to something new. This is not mind-blowing, but it works. If you know what style you want to be writing in, then you can easily search out something to listen to.
  • Listen to something old – Take an older track, this can be early 2000’s or a 1950’s classic, whatever works for you. It’s a completely different perspective on production and composition, so it is a really good way of thinking a little outside the box.
  • Take a break – yeah, this one sounds lame, but it really helps. If you need time to think, take it, the idea will come.
  • Use a new instrument – Whether you pick up your brothers guitar and strike a chord, or multitrack your voice, trying something new can really influence a track.
  • Borrow¬†something – Strictly, between me and you, this is fine. The majority of ideas are borrowed, or have had some huge amounts of inspiration pumped in from something someone has taken an idea from. Don’t be afraid of this. It’s surprising (unless you’re Robin Thicke) how easily you make an idea your own; you could never hear that Adele chord progression under there.
  • Ask for opinion – Hard, but helps.
  • Use a new piece of software – Create something unique, use a randomiser on a synth, the opportunities are endless.
  • Try something that isn’t usually the ‘norm’ in your genre – there is so much cross-genre production these days, cash in on it.
  • Spotify – Save any songs that inspire you, listen back and get some ideas.
  • Be annoying – you can’t always simply be ‘creative’, sometimes it just kinda happens. Be that guy or gal who gets randomly inspired around dinner time, but not always.
  • Read – stories are really influential, taking advantage of this is must.

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