Record store day is one of our favourite days of the year, along with Dynamic Range Day, so it’s only fair that we reflect on it somehow.

So, what happened on Record Store Day 2017? It was the 10th Anniversary of the Record Store Day celebrations, and what a day it was.

Well, what didn’t happen? Okay, records sold, that’s pretty much it, but this year it was better than ever.

409,000 albums sold throughout the after record store day. 

That is pretty staggering, that’s an increase of 484%, not bad at all. Of course, independent record stores saw a huge increase in vinyl sales, up 197% compared to the previous week. Record Store Day 2017 saw the biggest increase for independent record stores since Record Store Day began 10 years ago.

Compared to 2016, RSD2017 saw a year on year increase of 1.4% growth, with 31% of sales coming from independent record stores.

Taking into account non-independent retailers and the figures for RSD17 are even higher, 547,000 albums sold with a 213% increase in albums sales from the previous week. Not a bad week for record sales, and for the indies out there.



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